Cartier Watches With The Best Resale Value

One of the great things about luxury wristwatches is that their initial value can significantly appreciate or, at least, not crash badly over time. Watch enthusiasts and collectors know this fact, hence opt for the watches that will likely sell for significantly higher prices years or even months after their first release.

Are you looking to put your money into the luxury watch market? If so, Cartier, an exquisite brand with a jewellery and watch-making history dating back to the mid-1800s, is one of the biggest timepiece-makers. To help guide your decision and perhaps help you make a cool profit, here’s a look at some of Cartier’s watches with the best resale value.

The Tank Series

The Tank series are rectangular design pieces and are arguably the most popular Cartier watches among collectors of Cartier timepieces. If you want to sell your Cartier watch and have one of the original Tank series you want to sell in near-pristine condition, you may be walking home with more than $10,000-$35,000. It is said to be inspired by the World War I military tanks but also inspires many of its lovers who hold different emotional and physical ties to this timepiece. 

The Cartier Tank watches are loved for being a simple accessory that goes well with the casual or formal daily outfit but can also scream loud when you want to make a statement because of its unique aesthetic. With more than seven versions of the Cartier Tank series, collectors and watch enthusiasts have enough of this vintage piece in the market. So, if you are out hunting for any Cartier Tank series, you may be lucky enough to run into any of the steel, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, white gold, quartz, and automatic versions. Out of the many models of the Tank, many collectors confirm that the Tank Louis model is the most highly coveted of the Tank series.

With Ref number WGTA0011, Movement: 8971 MC Manual, and furnished with a semi-matte brown alligator strap, the Tank Louis Cartier is one of the top Cartier with great resale value. This manual-powered model can go for as high as $34,000 in the pre-owned market, while its yellow gold 18k quartz-powered version can be bought for around $10,000.  If you are not looking to spend too much, the Tank Solo is not a bad option which sells for $2,300 for the quartz model and $3,000 for the automatic design.

Santos de Cartier

Fondly referred to as the pioneer of the air for no reason order than being one of the first Pilot timepieces when it was initially launched, the Cartier Santos watches have been around for over a century. Its first production was for the famous Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian Pilot who wore the Santos de Cartier for his first flight in the early 1900s. The history behind it made it one of the most widely collected Cartier pieces, and it remained valuable after many years. 

You can’t miss the Cartier Santos for any other Cartier brand, it comes with an iconic stainless-steel case furnished with a matching steel bracelet, exposing the screws placed on the bezel and bracelet. In recent times, the Cartier launched the Santos with a more fluid look, with more rounded edges, powered by an in-house movement design. A brand-new Santos de Cartier may cost around $3500-$4000 and can sell for more depending on the condition. Some Santos Cartier, like the Cartier Santos De Chronograph and Cartier Santos Galbee Vintage (Quartz), can be purchased online for around $7000-$7500.

Calibre de Cartier

If Cartier timepieces catch your attention in 2022, then the Calibre de Cartier is not a bad choice. It will interest you that this model features impressive complications for improving the accuracy of Cartier’s in-house developed movements. The Calibre also features a calendar with an overall look of elegance designed to give lovers of cool gadgets a sense of sophistication they love. This brand can go for around $1,500, but the resale value of a well-maintained copy can go for as high as $4,000. If you are lucky enough to have the Caliber de Cartier furnished with a bi-colour design and three hands, you can sell it for as high as $7,000 or more if it’s in pristine or mint condition. The grand complications carry more value, for example, the Cartier Perpetual calendars sell for up to $30,000.

Cartier Panthere

The Panther name leads back to one of Cartier’s most influential directors, Toussaint Jeanne, for her creation of the iconic panther ring in the early 1900s. Cartier made the Cartier Panthere piece to celebrate the wildcat symbol since its production was stopped many years ago. With its return to the luxury watch market, its demand has hit the roof, making it a good investment choice even in the pre-owned market. The Panthere features rectangular and round-shaped models designed in gold, steel, or a combination of both gold and steel. Some of these timepieces are furnished with gemstones or precious metals. Because they also come in unisex designs, collectors also demand them as the target market is not limited. A pre-owned version of the Cartier Panthere, furnished with diamonds, can be sold for around $10,000. The same diamond-furnished design, with bi-colour, is sold for around $24,000.

Altogether, the years of brand success, creating unique and exquisite timepieces will always make the Cartier brand desirable among collectors, watch-lovers, and enthusiasts alike.  So, whether you want to pour some of that idle cash on the Tank models, the Santos, or the Calibre, you can’t go wrong with a Cartier, especially if you opt for the vintage pieces that may have been designed with a very high percentage of precious metal material.

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