Selling your watch

How do I sell my watch with The Watch Exchange London?

Selling or part exchanging your watch with The Watch Exchange London couldn’t be easier. Once you have submitted an initial enquiry telling us the make and model of your watch, we will send you an estimate within 48 hours. You can then drop it off at our Mayfair Office, and after an inspection by our expert watch inspectors, we will issue you a final offer. If you’re happy with this, we will transfer the money into your account the same day.

Not only do we offer you the valuated amount given by our expert watch inspectors, but also when your watch is sold in auction for more than the valued price, we offer you with 5% of the difference between the valued price and sold price. Providing you with an extra financial sum, and providing you with the ultimate The Watch Exchange London experience.

Can I sell you a broken watch?

Yes. You can sell us a broken watch, however, this will lower its value greatly. We highly recommend getting your watched service and fixed before selling to us so that you get the best return possible.

What watch brands do you buy?

At the moment, we are only accepting Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Cartier and Audemars Piguet. Please get in touch if you are unsure as to whether we will buy your brand of watch.

Why do I have to send in a photo of my watch?

If you wish to sell your watch, it’s important to send in a photo of it so that we can examine it and give you an accurate estimate. Doing so virtually also gives you more time to think about the numbers before coming into the store.

If I received a valuation a few months ago, will it still be valid?

If you previously received a valuation but decided not to go ahead with it, we recommend re-submitting the contact form when you’re ready. This helps us to ensure that the watch is still in the same condition as it was when first valued.

Do I need the watch’s box and papers?

Although you don’t need to have the box and papers to sell us your watch, their absence can affect the value. Proof of purchase will be required if you do not have the box and papers.

Can I send in more than one watch?

Yes. Providing that both watches are brands we buy, you are more than welcome to send in multiple watches.

Will I be charged for a valuation?

No. Our valuations are free and you have the option to back out at any time.

I entered some details wrong on the contact form - what do I do?

If you’ve entered something wrong on your contact form, don’t worry. Simply send us a follow-up message explaining what’s happened. We will then tell you the appropriate action to take (if any).


How is the value of my watch determined?

The value of your watch will be determined based on a series of factors. This includes brand, its desirability, condition, accessories, documentation and more.

What is the maximum amount of money I can get?

This will entirely depend on the watch you are selling and the condition it is in. Fill in our contact form to receive an estimated cost.

How quickly will I receive a quote?

You will receive an estimation within 48 hours of completing our contact form. In the unlikely event that you wait longer than 48 hours, please get in touch and send a follow up message.

When will I receive payment for my watch?

Once you have accepted the final offer, we will transfer the money into your account the same day.


I don’t live in the UK - can I still send in a watch?

We are not currently accepting watches from outside of the UK. This is because you’ll have to come into our Mayfair store as part of the process. If you cannot get to Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade, we won’t be able to inspect (and potentially buy) your watch.

Can I take my watch into your Mayfair store?

Yes! In fact, this is part of our valuation process. If you wish to proceed with your virtual estimate, you will need to come into our Mayfair store for further inspection.

Do I need to pay for postage when sending you my watch?

We do not offer a postal service. Instead, we kindly ask you to visit our Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade store once you have received an estimate. This allows us to thoroughly inspect your watch and offer same-day payment.

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Do you sell watches?

We do not currently sell watches through The Watch Exchange London.

Who checks your watches?

Our watches are checked over by our expert watch inspectors in our flagship Mayfair store.

I have a question about my existing enquiry, how can I get in touch?

If you have any further queries regarding your existing enquiry, please call us on 02074918833

Do you buy luxury jewellery too?

No. We only buy luxury watches.