How to photograph your watch

The easiest way to get an accurate valuation

Get your environment ready for pictures

Use a clean surface

Lay your watch on a flat, clean surface. Remove all clutter before taking your photos so that the only attention is on the watch itself. Great surfaces include desks, counters and tables.

Take photos in daylight

Avoid taking photos in poorly lit rooms. Natural daylight will improve the quality of the photo. Avoid using the flash as this will reflect on the watch.

Include box & papers

If you have the box and paperwork, we’ll want to see this. It’s not necessary to have them in every photo - we recommend having one with the box and papers

Get up close & use focus

We’ll discuss acceptable angles in a second, but when getting up close, always make sure that the camera is in focus. This will help us to spot all the important details on the watch.

Get all the right angles

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