Is A Second Hand Rolex A Good Investment?

Owning a Rolex watch is considered a symbol of success and, for many, a sound investment. However, the question arises: is investing in a second hand Rolex just as viable?

This article delves into the intricacies of investing in pre-owned Rolex watches, examining their financial performance, market demand, and the factors that influence their investment potential.

The Market for Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are renowned for their ability to retain and often increase in value over time, making them attractive as investment pieces. The pre-owned market for Rolex watches is particularly robust, fuelled by several factors:

Scarcity and Demand

New Rolex watches are famously difficult to purchase due to limited supply and high demand. Authorised dealers often have long waiting lists for the most coveted models, such as the Submariner or Daytona. This scarcity drives enthusiasts and investors to the secondary market, where watches are readily available but often at a premium.

Price Trends

Historically, the value of Rolex watches has increased. Data from watch resale platforms indicate that certain models have seen their resale value grow by as much as 5% to 10% annually, depending on the model and its vintage status. For instance, the Rolex Daytona has appreciated significantly over the past decade.

Condition and Authenticity

The condition of a pre-owned Rolex significantly affects its value. Watches that have been well-maintained, with minimal refurbishment and original parts, fetch higher prices. Authenticity is equally crucial; a genuine Rolex with a verifiable purchase history and original documentation often sees better financial returns.

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Investment Performance of Different Models

Not all Rolex watches perform equally as investments. Some models are more sought after and thus more likely to appreciate in value.


The Rolex Submariner is perhaps one of the most iconic diving watches ever made and maintains excellent investment potential. Its robust design, history, and popularity ensure that it retains value, especially in models with distinctive features like rare dial colours or limited production runs.


The Rolex Daytona, particularly older models or those with notable features like the Paul Newman dial, have shown substantial appreciation over the years. These watches are highly prized among collectors and can offer significant returns.


While the Rolex Datejust is a classic design that offers more stable but generally lower returns, it is considered a safer bet for those new to investing in luxury watches.

Factors Affecting Investment Viability

Market Volatility

Like any investment, the market for second hand Rolex watches can be volatile. Economic downturns or fluctuations in luxury goods spending can impact prices.


A Rolex with a notable history or previous ownership can enhance its desirability and value, provided this provenance can be authenticated.

Rare Features

Limited edition models or those with unique features often command higher prices on the secondary market. Collectors are particularly keen on watches that are unusual, historically significant, or have been discontinued.

Tips for Potential Investors

Before investing in a second hand Rolex, consider the following:

  • Research: Understand the specific models and their market performances.
  • Buy from reputable sources: Ensure authenticity by purchasing from reputable dealers.
  • Service history: A well-documented service history can increase a watch’s value.
  • Long-term perspective: View your investment with a long-term horizon for potential appreciation.

The Timeless Debate: Is It Worth It?

Investing in a second hand Rolex combines the thrill of owning a piece of horological history with the potential for financial return. While not all models guarantee a profit, the right Rolex can serve as both a personal treasure and a wise financial investment. However, it’s crucial to approach such investments with careful consideration and realistic expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I expect to pay for a second hand Rolex?

The price of a second hand Rolex can vary significantly, ranging from £3,000 to over £50,000, depending on the model, age, condition, and rarity. Popular models like the Submariner or Daytona tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum, especially if they feature rare attributes or have a desirable provenance.

Are older Rolex models better investments?

Older Rolex models often carry more investment potential due to their rarity and historical significance. Watches from the 1960s or earlier, particularly those with unique features or limited production runs, can appreciate more over time compared to newer models. However, the condition and market demand at the time of purchase are critical factors.

What risks are associated with investing in a second hand Rolex?

The primary risks include market volatility, the potential for counterfeit products, and fluctuations in consumer interest in luxury goods. Economic downturns can decrease discretionary spending, impacting luxury item prices. Authenticating a Rolex and ensuring its good condition are also crucial to mitigate investment risks.

Should I wear my investment Rolex or keep it stored?

Wearing your Rolex can affect its condition and potentially its resale value, especially if it incurs scratches or damage. However, many collectors enjoy using their watches. For pure investment purposes, keeping it in excellent condition and stored safely is advisable, although occasional wearing is unlikely to significantly impact its value if maintained properly.

How do I verify the authenticity of a second hand Rolex?

Verify authenticity by purchasing from reputable dealers who provide detailed histories and proper documentation. Inspections by certified watchmakers can also confirm a watch’s authenticity. Serial numbers and official paperwork are key indicators of legitimacy. Always perform due diligence before buying a pre-owned Rolex to avoid counterfeit models.

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