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At The Watch Exchange, the process of selling your Cartier Tank is secure, smooth, and rewarding, offering a fair price that truly reflects the value of your cherished watch. Join us in this unique journey, where selling your Cartier Tank is as memorable an experience as the time you’ve treasured with your watch.

How To Sell Your Cartier Tank

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Our expert team will authenticate and carefully inspect your Cartier Tank, and provide a fair offer.

4. Complete validation

Accept our offer or opt for a part exchange. Upon agreement, you’ll receive your payment in under an hour.

Important Features Of A Sellable Cartier Tank

Key features of a sellable Cartier Tank include a well-maintained condition, original parts, verifiable documentation, operational functionality, clarity of the dial and crystal, authenticity of the bracelet, and an overall appealing appearance.

Why Sell Your Cartier Tank To The Watch Exchange?

We value exceptional customer service and prioritise it in every transaction. We conduct all transactions personally, providing a secure, direct, and transparent process that caters to your convenience and peace of mind. Above all, we guarantee immediate payment upon finalising the deal, addressing any concerns about safety, security, and promptness.

A stress-free process

You’ll have a no-obligation offer in less than 48 hours, without any stress or hassle on your part.

Experts in the industry

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to provide the very highest standard of customer service every time.

Trustworthy valuations

With over 15 years in our industry, you can trust our valuations. We’ll provide a valuation based on a full inspection of your watch.

Quick payments

Whether you choose to accept our offer or part-exchange, we’ll ensure your payments are released in under an hour.

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    Learn More About The Cartier Tank

    What’s The History Of The Cartier Tank?

    The Cartier Tank is a legendary wristwatch that was first introduced in 1917. It is widely regarded as an iconic timepiece and has become one of the most recognisable watch designs in the world. The Tank’s history is rooted in the early 20th century and is closely associated with the evolution of watchmaking and Cartier’s enduring influence on the industry.

    What Type Of Watch Is The Cartier Tank?

    The Cartier Tank is a luxury wristwatch that falls under the category of dress watches. It is known for its distinctive rectangular case shape, clean lines, and elegant design. The Tank’s aesthetic is characterised by its balanced proportions and refined details, making it suitable for formal occasions and stylish attire.

    What Is Special About Tank Watches?

    There are several aspects that make Tank watches special and contribute to their iconic status. These factors, combined with Cartier’s heritage and reputation as a leading luxury brand, contribute to the special and unique qualities of Tank watches. They have a revolutionary design, with a rectangular case that gives it it’s timeless elegance, versatility and attention to detail.

    What Is The Average Price Of A Cartier Tank?

    As a general guideline, entry-level models of the Cartier Tank, such as the Tank Solo, typically start around £1,900 to £2,700 for a basic stainless steel version. As you move up to models like the Tank Française or Tank Anglaise, prices can range from £3,000 to £7,500 or more, depending on the materials and additional features.

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    Do Cartier Tank Watches Hold Their Value?

    Cartier Tank watches have generally shown a tendency to hold their value well over time. While the value retention of any watch can be influenced by various factors, Cartier Tank watches, particularly the classic and iconic models, have maintained their desirability and popularity, contributing to their ability to retain value.

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    How Many Tank Models Are Made Each Year?

    The exact number of Tank models produced by Cartier each year can vary, as it depends on the brand’s product strategy, market demand, and any specific limited editions or special releases they introduce. Cartier produces a range of Tank models, including variations such as the Tank Solo, Tank Française, Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Anglaise, and others.

    Are Cartier Tank Watches Hard To Find?

    Cartier Tank watches are generally not considered hard to find in terms of availability. As a renowned luxury watch brand, Cartier has an extensive distribution network that includes its own boutiques, authorised retailers, and online platforms.

    What’s My Tank Watch Cartier Worth?

    Determining the exact value of a specific Cartier Tank watch requires considering various factors such as the model, materials, condition, age, rarity, and market demand. To determine the value of your Cartier Tank watch, it is recommended to consult with reputable watch dealers, specialised watch appraisers, or reach out to Cartier directly. These experts have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the specific details of your watch, including its condition, authenticity, and any unique characteristics, and provide you with an accurate valuation.

    Who Wears Cartier Tanks?

    Cartier Tanks are worn by a diverse range of individuals, including celebrities, artists, politicians, and royalty. The Tank’s timeless design and iconic status have attracted a notable following over the years.

    How Can You Spot A Fake Cartier Tank?

    Spotting a fake Cartier Tank can be challenging, as counterfeiters have become increasingly skilled at replicating the design and details of luxury watches. However, there are several key indicators to look for that can help identify a fake Cartier Tank. This includes an inconsistent logo and less accurate movements.

    When Is The Best Time To Sell My Cartier Tank?

    Looking to sell your Cartier watch? Determining the best time to sell your Cartier Tank watch depends on several factors, including market conditions, demand for the specific model, the watch’s condition, and your personal circumstances.

    What Are The Key Specifications Of A Tank?

    The key specifications of a Cartier Tank can vary depending on the specific model and variation. However, here are some common specifications and features you may find in a Cartier Tank – case shape, size and material, dial design and movement.

    How Do You Adjust A Tank Watch?

    To remove a pin link, locate the small holes on the side of the links. Insert a pin removal tool or a small screwdriver into the holes and gently push to release the pin. You may need to repeat this process for multiple links on each side of the bracelet to achieve the desired fit.

    How Do You Set The Time On A Tank?

    Locate the crown of your Tank watch, which is typically positioned on the right side of the case. Gently pull the crown out to its first position. This position allows you to adjust the time.