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The Watch Exchange London makes the process of selling your Patek Phillipe watch simple. With a same-day service and payments released in under 60 minutes, exchanging your luxury watch is an effortless experience.

How to sell your Patek Philippe watch online

1. Complete our form

Complete the form to start the process and you will receive an estimate within 48 hours.

2. Visit our branch

If you’d like to proceed, bring your timepiece with proof of purchase in Mayfair.

3. Watch inspection

We guarantee to offer you a fair price after your watch is thoroughly inspected.

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Accept our offer or part exchange, and receive payment in less than an hour.

Value your Patek Philippe without the hassle

When you buy a Patek Phillipe watch, you understand that you’re investing in a piece that will retain or even increase in value over time. So, you’ll want to be sure that when it comes to selling your watch, you’ll get the best price. The Watch Exchange London provides a simple but reliable valuation service that ensures you get a price you can trust, without the hassle.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry for your complete confidence in our valuation services. Our no-obligation Patek Philippe valuation service provides you with a fair price and we offer fast payments in less than an hour, so if you’re looking for a way of selling your Patek Phillipe watch without the stress, our competitive prices and fast turnaround times make it as easy as possible.

What makes us the best place to sell your Patek Philippe watch?

A hassle-free process

Our exchange process couldn’t be easier. We’ll ensure you get a reliable valuation as fast as possible.

Industry experts

With over 15 years’ industry experience, you can have complete confidence in our knowledge and expertise.

Reliable valuations

The price we offer you is fair and based on a full inspection of your Patek Phillipe watch for trustworthy valuations.

Quick payments

You can accept our offer or part-exchange, and we’ll release your payment in under 60 minutes for a quick and reliable service.

Receive your Patek Philippe London valuation today

We want to keep the process of selling your Patek Phillipe watch as hassle-free and easy as possible, so you get the best price in the fastest time. All you need to do is complete the simple form on our website to kick-start the process, and we’ll send you an estimate within 48 hours.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a Patek Philippe watch?

Patek Philippe watches range from £20,000 to well over £480,000, and the price difference varies due to the materials used, the complexity of the functions and the popularity of the watch model. For example, the stainless steel Patek Phillipe Nautilus with the reference 5711 starts at over £30,000, while the 5740/1G reference can fetch as much as £130,000. These watches are made to an exceptional standard and use a high quality of materials which makes them more expensive to buy, but also more collectable to watch enthusiasts.

Why are Patek Philippe watches so expensive?

There are two factors that influence the price of the Patek Philippe watches. The first is that each watch is made by hand, making the process of producing them much more time consuming and labour-intensive. The second is that these watches are incredibly high quality and so you’re paying for the exceptional nature of the watch itself. These two reasons are the primary cause for the price of a Patek watch, but the popularity of the brand also contributes to its collectability factor.

Do Patek Philippe watches hold their value?

Yes, Patek Philippe watches do tend to hold their value and depending on the model you choose, you may even find that it increases in price. Each watch is hand-crafted, meaning that the assembly process can be as long as 12 months or longer for more complicated models. This is an innovative brand with a wide range of unique features, from minute repeater to perpetual calendars and split seconds, so these features only add to the collectability of a Patek Phillipe watch.

How can you tell if a Patek Philippe is fake?

There are a few ways to spot a fake Patek Phillipe watch. The first is the materials used – this brand mostly uses platinum and gold for its designs, so a fake watch is likely to be of a lower quality material and may even show signs of imperfections which a true Patek watch would never have. The placement of the serial number can also be a giveaway, since a real Patek watch will never have the serial number on the outside of the caseback and always on the inside. The font used for the lettering and its size can also tell you if you’re dealing with a counterfeit watch.

Where can I sell my Patek Philippe watch?

At The Watch Exchange London, we provide an easy way to sell your Patek Phillipe watch with a simple and stress-free service that guarantees you a reliable valuation. All you need to do is fill out the form on our site and we’ll respond with a valuation within 48 hours. Simply inform us of the brand and model or serial number, as well as your contact details so we can get in touch with you with a no-obligation estimate.