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With The Watch Exchange London, the process of selling your Omega watch is incredibly straightforward. Benefit from our hassle-free, same-day payment service, designed to make your watch exchange a smooth and effortless journey.

How to sell your Omega watch

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Value your Omega without the hassle

Investing in an Omega watch is a wise decision, and when you decide to sell, we are here to assist you. Omega watches are renowned for retaining their value, making them highly sought after by collectors. With our 15 years of expertise in the watch industry, we confidently guarantee the most competitive prices for your Omega. Our no-obligation valuation promises a fair price within 60 minutes. Our process is hassle-free, competitively priced, and designed for your convenience.

What types of Omega do you buy?

At The Watch Exchange, we are interested in purchasing a wide variety of Omega watches. Some of the most sought-after models we look for include the classic Omega Speedmaster, renowned for its history with space exploration; the elegant Omega Seamaster, popular for its durability and association with the James Bond films; the sophisticated Omega Constellation, with its distinctive design and precision; and the Omega De Ville, celebrated for its sleek, urban style. These models, among others, embody the excellence and prestige that Omega is known for, making them highly desirable in the pre-owned watch market.

Why sell with The Watch Exchange London?

Choosing The Watch Exchange London for selling your Omega watch guarantees a superior customer experience throughout the entire process. We prioritise face-to-face interactions, offering a personalised, secure, and comfortable approach for our clients. Your watch will undergo appraisal and valuation by our team of expert watch inspectors, who bring extensive industry knowledge and experience to the table.

What is my Omega worth?

To accurately assess the value of your Omega watch, we conduct a thorough evaluation considering several key factors. These include the specific model, the watch’s condition, the materials used in its construction, its rarity, current market demand, and prevailing market conditions. Without detailed information about your watch, it’s challenging to offer a precise valuation.

What makes us the best place to sell your Omega?

A hassle-free process

Our exchange process couldn’t be easier. We’ll ensure you get a reliable valuation as fast as possible.

Industry experts

With over 15 years’ industry experience, you can have complete confidence in our knowledge and expertise.

Reliable valuations

The price we offer you is fair and based on a full inspection of your watch for trustworthy valuations.

Quick payments

You can accept our offer or part-exchange, and we’ll release your payment in under 60 minutes for a quick and reliable service.

Sell your Omega watch in London

Considering letting go of your Omega watch? Now is the perfect time to do so. Whether you’re looking to refresh your collection, upgrade to a newer model, or capitalise on your investment, selling your Omega can be a fulfilling choice. As a globally recognised brand, Omega is synonymous with timeless elegance, precision, and enduring value. These luxury watches are not just icons of style but also highly sought-after pieces in the pre-owned luxury market. The selling process should be effortless, and at The Watch Exchange London, we ensure it is. Simply fill out the form on our website to initiate the process, and we’ll provide you with an estimate for your Omega watch within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on offering top-market valuations for all Omega models, including popular ones like the Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, and many others!

How are Omega watches valued?

The worth of Omega timepieces is determined by a blend of elements, encompassing their brand prestige, the scarcity of their models, their state of preservation, the materials used, the level of demand in the market, and their historical importance.

⌚️ For more information, check out our guide on how professional watch buyers calculate prices.

Can I sell an Omega without papers?

It is possible to sell an Omega watch even if it lacks its original papers; however, it’s essential to recognise that the absence of these documents can influence the watch’s resale value. These papers serve as a means of confirming authenticity and offer a record of the watch’s history, a factor of significance for potential buyers, particularly when dealing with vintage or scarce models.

How can I find & validate Omega serial numbers?

To locate and validate Omega serial numbers, you typically need to look in two primary places. Firstly, you can find the serial number on the watch movement itself, which usually requires opening the case back. Secondly, you can often find a separate serial number on the outer side of the watch case, between the lugs where the strap or bracelet attaches to the watch. Validating these numbers often involves comparing them with Omega’s official records or consulting with authorised dealers or experts to ensure the watch’s authenticity and obtain additional details about its history.

Can I sell a damaged Omega?

Yes, you can sell a damaged Omega watch. However, the extent of the damage and how it affects the selling price will depend on the unique circumstances surrounding the watch, such as the model, rarity, demand, and the nature of the damage itself.

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    About Omega watches

    What types & models of Omega are there?

    Omega offers a diverse range of watch types and models, catering to various tastes and preferences. They produce iconic collections like the Speedmaster, Seamaster, Constellation, and De Ville, each with numerous variations and limited editions to choose from.

    Who owns Omega?

    Omega is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, one of the world’s largest watchmaking conglomerates. The Swatch Group owns and operates several renowned watch brands, with Omega being one of its prestigious subsidiaries.

    Where are Omega watches made?

    Most Omega watches are manufactured in Switzerland. The brand has several manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, including its headquarters in Biel/Bienne, where they meticulously craft and assemble their timepieces.

    What’s the history of Omega?

    Omega has a rich history dating back to 1848 when Louis Brandt founded the company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Over the years, Omega has achieved numerous milestones, including being the official timekeeper for the Olympics and being the first watch on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

    Who wears Omega?

    Omega watches have a broad appeal and are worn by a diverse range of individuals, including celebrities, athletes, explorers, and watch enthusiasts worldwide. They are known for their timeless style and precision.

    Why are Omega watches so expensive?

    The price of Omega watches is influenced by various factors, including the brand’s reputation, high-quality materials, intricate craftsmanship, innovative technology, and limited-edition models. These elements contribute to the overall quality and exclusivity, driving up the cost.

    Are Omega watches rare?

    While Omega produces a significant number of watches, certain models, especially limited editions and vintage pieces, can indeed be considered rare. Rarity depends on factors like production numbers, historical significance, and market demand, making some Omega watches highly sought after by collectors.

    Owning an Omega watch

    How do Omega watches work?

    Omega watches are mechanical timepieces that typically work through a combination of a mainspring, gears, and escapements. As you wear the watch, the mainspring’s tension is released slowly, powering the movement and regulating the hands’ movement to display the time accurately.

    Are Omega watches waterproof?

    Many Omega watches are water-resistant, but the level of water resistance varies by model. Some are suitable for everyday wear and can withstand splashes, while others are designed for diving and offer higher water resistance. It’s essential to check the specific model’s water resistance rating.

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    Do Omega watches need servicing?

    Yes, Omega watches require regular servicing to ensure they continue to function accurately and maintain their longevity. It’s recommended to have your Omega watch serviced every 3 to 5 years by an authorised service centre.

    What are some good tips for looking after my Omega?

    To care for your Omega watch, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid exposing it to magnetic fields, and clean it with a soft cloth. Regular servicing is crucial, and if you have a water-resistant model, ensure the seals are checked during maintenance.

    How do you adjust the time on an Omega?

    To adjust the time on an Omega watch, pull out the crown (the small knob on the side of the watch) to its second position. Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to set the hands to the desired time. Push the crown back in when you’re finished.

    Is it okay to wear an Omega watch every day?

    Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear an Omega watch every day, especially if it’s designed for daily wear. Regularly worn watches often require less frequent servicing than those left unworn for extended periods. However, it’s essential to take care of it and follow proper maintenance guidelines to ensure it continues to perform well.