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Step into a rewarding journey by selling your Rolex Sky-Dweller with The Watch Exchange. Recognising the elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship of your luxury timepiece, we aim to offer a service that mirrors these high standards. At The Watch Exchange, the process of selling your Rolex Sky-Dweller is not only secure and straightforward but also rewarding, with a fair price that truly reflects the value of your cherished watch.

How To Sell Your Rolex Sky-Dweller

1. Complete our form

Start by filling out our form. Expect an estimate from us within 48 hours.

2. Visit our branch

If you’re satisfied with our quote, bring your Rolex and its proof of purchase to our flagship store in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade.

3. Watch inspection

Our expert team will authenticate and carefully inspect your Rolex, providing a fair offer.

4. Complete validation

Accept our offer or opt for a part exchange. Upon agreement, you’ll receive your payment in under an hour.

Important Features Of A Sellable Rolex Sky-Dweller

Key attributes of a sellable Rolex Sky-Dweller include a well-maintained condition, original components, verifiable documentation, flawless functionality, clarity of the dial and crystal, authenticity of the bracelet and bezel, and an overall appealing appearance.

Why Sell Your Rolex Sky-Dweller To The Watch Exchange?

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service sets us apart in your Rolex Sky-Dweller selling journey. We conduct all transactions personally, providing a secure, direct, and transparent process that prioritises your convenience and peace of mind. Above all, we guarantee immediate payment upon agreement, addressing any concerns about safety, security, and timely payment.

A stress-free process

You’ll have a no-obligation offer in less than 48 hours, without any stress or hassle on your part.

Experts in the industry

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge to provide the very highest standard of customer service every time.

Trustworthy valuations

With over 15 years in our industry, you can trust our valuations. We’ll provide a valuation based on a full inspection of your watch.

Quick payments

Whether you choose to accept our offer or part-exchange, we’ll ensure your payments are released in under an hour.

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    Learn More About The Rolex Sky-Dweller

    What’s The History Of The Rolex Sky-Dweller?

    Rolex unveiled the Sky-Dweller at the Baselworld watch fair in 2012. It was the first completely new model released by Rolex in many years. The Sky-Dweller was developed as a timepiece tailored to the needs of global travellers, providing dual time zone functionality and an annual calendar complication.

    What Type Of Watch Is The Rolex Sky-Dweller?

    The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a luxury wristwatch that combines both practical functionality and elegance. It falls into the category of complicated or high-complexity watches, often referred to as grand complications due to its multiple complications and innovative features.

    What Is Special About The Sky-Dweller Rolex?

    The Rolex Sky-Dweller combines intricate complications, innovative features, and timeless design, making it a standout watch in the horological world. Its blend of functionality, elegance, and craftsmanship appeals to those who appreciate both practicality and luxury in a timepiece.

    What Is The Average Price Of A Sky-Dweller?

    The starting price for a new Rolex Sky-Dweller typically ranges from around £10,000 to £13,000 for stainless steel and two-tone steel/gold versions. The Sky-Dweller models crafted in solid gold, such as yellow gold, white gold, or Everose gold, tend to have higher prices, often starting from approximately £27,000 and can go significantly higher depending on the specific materials, dial configurations, and bracelet options.

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    Do Sky-Dweller Rolexes Hold Their Value?

    Rolex Sky-Dweller watches are generally known to hold their value quite well. Rolex, as a brand, has a strong reputation for producing high-quality timepieces that retain their value over time. The Sky-Dweller, with its unique complications and luxurious design, is a sought-after model among watch enthusiasts and collectors.

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    How Many Sky-Dwellers Are Made Each Year?

    Rolex, as a company, does not disclose specific production numbers or detailed information about the quantity of watches they produce each year. Rolex closely guards its production figures and maintains a level of exclusivity and mystery surrounding its manufacturing processes.

    Are Sky-Dweller Watches Hard To Find?

    Yes, Rolex Sky-Dweller watches can be challenging to find due to their popularity and limited availability. The Sky-Dweller is a highly sought-after model among watch enthusiasts and collectors, known for its sophisticated complications and elegant design.

    What’s My Rolex Sky-Dweller Worth?

    If you’re looking to sell Rolex, determining the exact value of your Rolex Sky-Dweller requires considering several factors, including the model, materials, condition, age, and market demand.

    Who Wears Sky-Dweller Rolexes?

    The Rolex Sky-Dweller is favoured by a diverse range of individuals who appreciate its combination of functionality, sophistication, and luxury. The Sky-Dweller’s dual time zone functionality makes it particularly appealing to frequent travellers who need to keep track of multiple time zones. Its ease of use and ability to display the local time and a reference time zone simultaneously make it a practical choice for individuals who frequently cross time zones.

    How Can You Spot A Fake Sky-Dweller?

    Spotting a fake Rolex Sky-Dweller can be challenging, as counterfeiters have become increasingly adept at replicating the details of genuine Rolex watches. However, there are several key indicators to look for when trying to identify a potential fake Sky-Dweller, including to good of a price and too light in weight.

    When Is The Best Time To Sell My Rolex Sky-Dweller?

    The best time to sell your Rolex Sky-Dweller can depend on several factors, including market conditions, demand for the model, your personal circumstances, and your goals for selling.

    What Are The Key Specifications Of A Sky-Dweller Rolex?

    The key specifications of a Rolex Sky-Dweller can vary slightly depending on the specific model and reference number. The Sky-Dweller typically has a case diameter of 42mm, making it one of the larger watches in Rolex’s collection. The larger size contributes to its bold and prominent presence on the wrist.

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    How Do You Adjust A Sky-Dweller Watch?

    To adjust the bracelet, you will need a small screwdriver or a specialised tool like a spring bar tool. Ensure that the tool is appropriate for the type of screws or spring bars used in your specific Sky-Dweller bracelet. Examine the backside of the bracelet and locate the small arrows or dots on the inside of the bracelet links. These markers indicate the removable links that can be adjusted to resize the bracelet.

    How Do You Set The Time On A Sky-Dweller?

    The Sky-Dweller features a screw-down crown to ensure water resistance. Before setting the time, unscrew the crown by gently turning it counterclockwise until it pops out slightly from the case. Ensure that the crown is fully unscrewed to prevent any damage during adjustment.