How To Wear Your AP Watch | Audemars Piguet Style Guide

When it comes to luxury watches, Audemars Piguet (AP) stands out as a beacon of craftsmanship and elegance. Known for their exquisite design and impeccable precision, AP watches are more than timepieces; they are a statement of style and class. In this guide, we will explore how to wear your AP watch with the panache it deserves, delving into the history of this storied brand, and examining several of its iconic models.

How to Fit Your Audemars Piguet Properly

Having the right fit is crucial for comfort and style.

Adjusting the Bracelet

  1. Understanding the Bracelet Mechanism: Start by familiarising yourself with the bracelet mechanism of your AP watch. Most AP watches have a deployment clasp which can be opened and closed easily. If your watch has a metal bracelet, it likely has removable links.
  2. Determining the Fit: Wear your watch and decide how tight or loose you want it. A good rule of thumb is to allow enough room for your finger to slide easily under the band.
  3. Removing or Adding Links (for Metal Bracelets):
  • Use a small screwdriver or a link remover tool to remove the pins that hold the links together carefully.
  • Remove or add the links as needed to achieve the desired fit.
  • Reinsert the pins to secure the links back together. Make sure they are fastened properly to avoid any accidental loosening.

4. Adjusting a Leather Strap: If your watch has a leather strap, you can adjust the fit by choosing the appropriate hole on the strap. Make sure the strap is not too tight, allowing the skin to breathe.

Using Different Straps

Changing the strap on your AP watch can completely transform its look and feel. It lets you match your watch with different outfits and occasions, from formal events to casual outings.

Choosing the Right Strap

  • For Formal Occasions: Opt for leather straps in classic colours like black, brown, or navy.
  • For Casual Wear: Consider rubber or fabric straps, which are durable and can add a playful touch to your look.

How to Change Straps

  1. Locate the release mechanism on your watch. This is usually found near where the strap meets the watch case.
  2. Use a strap-changing tool or a small screwdriver to release the strap.
  3. Once released, you can easily slide out the old strap and replace it with the new one.
  4. Ensure that the new strap is securely attached before wearing.

Caring for Your Straps

Always handle your straps with care, especially when changing them. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent wear and tear.

Audemars Piguet for Different Occasions

Owning an Audemars Piguet (AP) watch is not just about having a timepiece; it’s about making a statement in every aspect of your life. Whether you’re attending a casual get-together, heading to a business meeting, enjoying a sporting event, or preparing for a black-tie gala, there’s an AP watch that perfectly complements your attire and the occasion. Let’s delve into how to pair your Audemars Piguet watch for different settings.

The Casual Affair

Even in a casual setting, an AP watch is a standout accessory. Here’s how you can pair it with your everyday outfits:

  • Choosing the Right Model: Opt for AP models with a more understated look. Watches with rubber or leather straps, and less flashy designs blend seamlessly with casual wear.
  • Colour Coordination: Match the colour of your watch with other elements of your outfit. For example, a watch with a blue dial can complement a pair of jeans or a casual blue shirt.
  • Styling Tips: For a laid-back look, pair your AP watch with a polo shirt, chinos, and loafers. In cooler weather, a leather-strapped AP watch goes well with a chunky sweater or a casual blazer.

Business and Formal Events

For business meetings or formal events, an AP watch can be the perfect accessory. Choose AP watches with metal bracelets or classic leather straps. Models with a more refined and elegant design are perfect for these occasions. For a more sophisticated look, match the metal of your watch with your cufflinks or belt buckle.

Sporting Events and Adventures

AP watches are renowned for their resilience and functionality, making them suitable for sports and outdoor activities. Look for AP watches with features like water resistance, robust materials, and sporty designs. Choose models with rubber or fabric straps for better durability and comfort during physical activities.

Black Tie and Luxurious Gatherings

Opt for AP models that exude elegance and luxury, such as those with precious metals, intricate designs, or diamond embellishments. The watch should complement, not overshadow, your outfit. Think of it as the final touch to your sophisticated look.

Pairing Your Audemars Piguet With Outfits

Matching with Shirt and Suit Colours

When it comes to matching your Audemars Piguet watch with your shirt and suit, the art lies in understanding colour harmony. For formal events, if you’re wearing a dark suit like navy or black, a watch with a silver, gold, or white dial can add a sophisticated touch of brightness. Conversely, with lighter suits in grey or beige, a watch featuring a darker dial or a classic leather strap in brown or black can offer a striking contrast.

In more casual settings, the goal is to avoid colour clashes; hence, pairing bolder-coloured shirts with understated watches works best. Similarly, if your shirt is patterned, a simpler watch design can provide the perfect balance, ensuring that your AP watch complements your attire without overpowering it.

Complementing Patterns and Textures

Pairing your Audemars Piguet with various patterns and textures in your wardrobe requires a keen eye for detail. When donning textured fabrics like tweed or wool, a watch with a leather strap can complement the natural feel of these materials, whereas for outfits made from silk or satin, a sleek metallic watch can mirror their smoothness and sheen.

When your outfit includes patterns, choosing a watch with a minimalist design is essential to avoid overwhelming the look. For example, a classic, clean dial on your watch can create an elegant contrast against striped or checked patterns, thereby enhancing both your outfit and your timepiece.

Women’s Styling Tips

For women, an Audemars Piguet watch isn’t just a timepiece; it’s a fashion statement. Pairing one with evening wear, such as an elegant gown, especially if the watch includes diamond accents, can create a look of sophisticated glamour.

For business attire, such as suits, a sleek and classic AP watch adds a touch of refined professionalism. It’s about choosing a watch that complements the feminine form, perhaps with a smaller face or a delicate bracelet.

In casual settings, an AP watch with a leather strap or an interesting dial colour can add an element of fun and personality to the outfit. Pairing it with jeans and a blazer, for instance, strikes the perfect balance between chic and effortless, showcasing how these exquisite timepieces can enhance various aspects of women’s fashion.

Care and Maintenance for Your Audemars Piguet

Daily Care Tips

Taking care of your Audemars Piguet on a daily basis is essential to maintain its elegance and functionality.

  • The first step is to protect it from extreme temperatures and exposure to chemicals, which can damage the watch’s materials.
  • It’s also important to avoid wearing your AP watch during activities that might subject it to strong vibrations or shocks, as these can affect the movement.
  • Regularly cleaning your watch is crucial; use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the case and crystal to remove fingerprints, dust, or water spots. For metal bracelets, a damp cloth can be used, but ensure the watch is water-resistant before exposing it to moisture.
  • Lastly, be mindful of water resistance ratings – not all AP watches are designed for swimming or diving, so it’s important to know the limitations of your specific model.

Long-term Storage Recommendations

If you plan to store your Audemars Piguet watch for an extended period, proper storage is key.

  • Choose a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to light can fade the colour of the watch and damage its materials. Using a watch box or a padded case is ideal for preventing scratches and dust accumulation.
  • If your AP watch has an automatic movement, consider using a watch winder to keep it running, which is essential for ensuring the lubricants in the movement do not dry out.
  • Additionally, if your watch has a leather strap, store it in a way that prevents the strap from bending too much, as this can lead to cracks or creases in the leather over time.

Professional Servicing

Like any high-end timepiece, your Audemars Piguet requires regular professional servicing to maintain its accuracy and aesthetics. Typically, it is recommended to have your AP watch professionally serviced every 3 to 5 years, depending on the model and usage. During a service, a qualified technician will disassemble the watch, clean all the parts, replace any worn components, re-lubricate the movement, and then reassemble and calibrate the watch. They will also check the water resistance and polish the case and bracelet, restoring the watch’s original lustre. 

Etiquette of Wearing an Audemars Piguet

Being Discreet vs. Flaunting

Wearing a luxury watch like an Audemars Piguet comes with its own set of etiquettes. The key is to strike a balance between being discreet and flaunting your watch.

In professional or social settings, it’s often the quiet appreciation of such fine craftsmanship that speaks volumes, rather than overt display. The goal is to complement your overall presence without overshadowing it. This approach to wearing your watch not only displays your good taste but also respects the subtleties of social interactions where overt displays of wealth might not be appropriate.

When to Take Off Your Audemars Piguet

Understanding when to wear your Audemars Piguet is as important as knowing when to take it off. Certain situations warrant the removal of your luxury watch, both for the sake of etiquette and the watch’s preservation.

  1. Physical Activities: It’s advisable to remove your watch during vigorous activities like sports or workouts. Not only could the watch be damaged, but it can also be uncomfortable for you and potentially dangerous in contact sports.
  2. High-Risk Environments: In environments where your watch might be exposed to excessive dust, chemicals, or the risk of scratches and impacts, it’s safer to take it off. This includes activities like gardening, DIY projects, or certain types of manual work.
  3. Formal Events: In some ultra-formal or solemn occasions, such as certain ceremonies or services, wearing a flashy watch might be seen as inappropriate. In these settings, discretion is key.
  4. Security Concerns: In places where flaunting an expensive item like an Audemars Piguet might pose a security risk, it’s prudent to leave it at home.

Our Favourite Audemars Piguet Models

audemars piguet royal

1. Royal Oak

Introduced in 1972, the Royal Oak is a revolutionary design that challenged the norms of watchmaking. Its octagonal bezel, exposed screws, and integrated bracelet make it a symbol of modern luxury. To wear a Royal Oak is to make a statement of boldness and innovation.

2. Royal Oak Offshore

The Royal Oak Offshore, a robust and sportier version of the Royal Oak, made its debut in 1993. It’s characterised by its larger case size and more rugged appearance. This model suits a casual, yet sophisticated style, perfect for those who appreciate a watch that stands out.

3. Jules Audemars

Named after one of the founders, the Jules Audemars collection is all about classic elegance. These watches are slim, refined, and exude understated luxury. They pair beautifully with formal attire, adding a touch of sophistication to any suit or tuxedo.

4. Millenary

The Millenary collection, with its distinctive oval shape and off-centred dial, is a testament to AP’s innovation in watch design. These watches are ideal for those who seek a unique timepiece that combines contemporary style with traditional watchmaking.

5. Code 11.59

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet breaks the boundaries with its avant-garde design. Launched in 2019, this collection is a fusion of classic and modern aesthetics. Its versatility makes it suitable for both formal and casual settings.

6. Royal Oak Concept

The Royal Oak Concept collection is where AP showcases its most futuristic designs and advanced technology. These watches are for the true connoisseurs who appreciate groundbreaking craftsmanship and avant-garde aesthetics.

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In Summary

Owning and wearing an Audemars Piguet watch is an experience that goes beyond mere timekeeping. It’s about carrying a piece of horological art and history on your wrist. This guide has navigated through various aspects of wearing, styling, maintaining, and understanding AP watches. Whether you’re a long-time collector or a new admirer, it’s evident that an Audemars Piguet is not just a watch, but a legacy that you carry with you.

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